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  The Legacy of Rissala
Rissala is a dream put into reality by Colonel Ajay Ahlawat (Ally) as a result of his years spent as a Cavalry Officer in an Indian Horsed Cavalry Regiment, the 61st Cavalry which is a link between the past and the present keeping the ancient traditions alive.
Rissala is based on these values and traditions, it today in every essence keeps these tradition alive and offers lifestyle and heritage concepts to enrich people's lives.   
Rissala today is a name recognised internationally in polo. The Colonel is recognized for his polo playing prowess and equine abilities, he has captained and represented India three times in the Polo World Cup Championship, and has played for India continuously for 20 years playing Polo in over 30 Countries. He has been awarded the prestigious award DATO(SIR) by the Ruler and Sultan of Johor, Malaysia.
Rissala is closely associated with various polo playing royalties, The Sultans of Johor and Brunei, The Kings of Morocco, Spain and Italy. The Malaysian Royal family and HRH Tunku Ibrahim Ismail Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar close friend of the Colonel patronise the Rissala Polo Club as do many Royal families of India. The Colonel is connected with many high profile business associates, heads of state and government officials, sportsmen, entrepreneurs and actors.
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