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The Rissala Polo Club

The Rissala has been organizing polo and equestrian events since 1989. The founding members of the Rissala Club comprise of dynamic and experienced people who know the sport and have had a long association with it in terms of playing, hosting and organizing events with the sole aim of perfection, precision and passion. Allied with the ability to manage the most complex events. Rissala is an established name in this respect having organized, conducted, promoted and marketed various national and international equestrian events, arena polo, elephant polo and polo matches for teams in India and abroad since 1989.

 The Rissala Polo Club has had a long association with the Royal Johor Polo Club and they together have won many prestigious polo cups including the Indian Open's. The Royal Johor Polo Club is owned by the Crown Prince of Johor, Malaysia.

 The Rissala has a close association with Defence Forces & Royalties worldwide. It is also associated with various polo clubs around the world.

 "Playing polo with the Tigers"... Royale Polo/Golf Spa Resort is currently being developed at Sariska, Rajasthan by the Rissala.

The Rissala Polo Club proposes to provide equines at the facility of various disciplines, levels and caliber to suit the wide scale clientel with professional instructors.

A wide scale of equine related events can be organised at will to suit the requirements of various clients, companies and brands. This would include the following:

     Polo related activities (polo matches, arena polo, elephant polo)
     Show jumping events
     Dressage events
     Eventing events (One day events and three day events)

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