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  You do one thing. First, you grow up. Because, if you grow up means, automatically your son will grow up. And when your son is growing up, give him an advice. Now don’t give that confused look and all. Seriously, give him an advice. Along with that, give him a lot of free advice. Don’t think that he won’t take it. Give it anyway, he will eventually take it.

 Colonel Ajay Ahlawat  –

Tell your son to go out with the girls. Tell him to give them hugs and high-fives and ask them to go out on day trips and have fun. Tell him to make as many friends as possible and not necessary that they HAVE to be on facebook and tell him that to retain any relation, never GOSSIP.


Tell him that he can talk about what he likes or dislikes about someone in front of them, and if he finds him or her stupid, then mention that also. Tell your son that it is ok to feel bad about something someone did to him but tell him never to discuss this with someone else except the concerned person. Tell him that everybody needs money to survive but never sit and discuss how he earned money in a wrong way, instead tell him that the person slogged his ass out day and night saving and sacrificing everything to get that one flat in South Delhi because he wanted to see his mom smile always. 

 Colonel Ajay Ahlawat  –

Tell your son to read have some fun. In fact, if possible, you only give a copy of “How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-founded a Million Dollar Company” to him. He won’t understand any of it anyway, but still, give it to him. 

 Colonel Ajay Ahlawat  –

Ask him to log on to Facebook and have a chat with a random person on the other end. A small hello or a hi would make a difference to the other person who may be just as lonely as he is. And if he doesn’t reply it doesn’t mean he tells his friends that he is a bad guy or got some wrong attitude. Even if he is ignoring tell him that its Human Nature to ignore. BUT NEVER GOSSIP.


Tell him to fall in love with a woman (or a man). Tell him to go head-over-heels (or something like that) about her. Tell him to admire her beauty. Actually, tell him to admire the beauty of all women. Tell him that they are a single most source of joy on the planet and that without them the world is nothing. Tell him that the girl may not feel the same for him, may have aspirations, ambitions and that does not MAKE HER A BITCH, in fact by him saying that he may become one himself.

 Colonel Ajay Ahlawat  –

Tell him that when his friends start to discuss people, walk away or leave such friends, usually the quiet one gets the blame for saying nothing. Tell him to avoid people who start conversations with “I HEARD….”  Tell him not to encourage people to tell things about someone else to him. A man may have cheated 5 people at the same time, tell him God is watching and will take care of everything, by him saying that, the lost amount can never be recovered.


Tell him not to watch those television channels where 8 people are sitting on different parts of the screen and discussing Poonam Pandey, tell him they are fuck all jobless people who masturbate at photoshopped images of Poonam Pandey. Tell him that it needs to inquire about someone, it’s better to spend three days or months or years, but never conclude because she cries at the drop of a hat or smiles without a reason, she is that way and will be that way…

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat –

Tell him to go for morning walks and not morning gossips, it ruins your health, time and energy because those gossips would later demand explanations and also if found to be untrue, there is a law for character assassination and he can go behind bars.


Tell him that people who sit and gossip also land up on hospital beds for months, years and sometimes die because nobody likes them after a while. Remember the tree in King Solomon’s Mines???

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat

Tell him that even broken hearts can be mended but he cannot mend the lost morality of any man at any cost.


Tell him that gossiping is a Sin for which Man will have to pay a heavy price. A very heavy price.


Tell him that gossiping will land him to be all alone, maybe not initially but eventually…

——-Colonel Ajay Ahlawat ——-


Rissala way to – Live & Die | Col Ajay Ahlawat Polo

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat

Rissala way to – Live & Die

By Colonel Ajay Ahlawat

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat
Colonel Ajay Ahlawat

(Ajay Ahlawat)I’ve often thought about what it is that makes people happy—what one has to do in order to achieve happiness.

1- First and foremost is good health. If you do not enjoy good health, you can never be happy. Any ailment, however trivial, will deduct something from your happiness.

2- A healthy bank balance. It need not run into crores, but it should be enough to provide for comforts, and there should be something to spare for recreation—eating out, going to the movies, travel and holidays in the hills or by the sea. Shortage of money can be demoralizing. Living on credit or borrowing is demeaning and lowers one in one’s own eyes.

3- Your own home. Rented places can never give you the comfort or security of a home that is yours for keeps. If it has garden space, all the better. Plant your own trees and flowers, see them grow and blossom, and cultivate a sense of kinship with them. They are home to many insects, birds & animals. Enjoy providing them a home and gain their wishes and prayers.

4- An understanding companion, be it your spouse or a friend. If you have too many misunderstandings, it robs you of your peace of mind. It is better to be divorced than to be quarreling all the time.

5- Stop envying those who have done better than you in life—risen higher, made more money, or earned more fame. Envy can be corroding; avoid comparing yourself with others. Look after the people who work for you and help them develop their assets and care for their families.

6- Colonel Ajay Ahlawat says that do not allow people to descend on you for gossip and time pass. By the time you get rid of them, you will feel exhausted and poisoned by their gossip-mongering.

7- Cultivate a hobby or two that will fulfill you—Riding, antique collection, Dogs and pets, reading, writing, playing or listening to meaningful music like qawallis or Sufi. Going to clubs or parties to get free drinks, or to meet celebrities, is a criminal waste of time. It’s important to concentrate on something that keeps you occupied meaningfully.

8- Every morning and evening devote 15 minutes to introspection says Colonel Ajay Ahlawat. In the mornings, 10 minutes should be spent in keeping the mind absolutely still, and five listing the things you have to do that day. In the evenings, five minutes should be set aside to keep the mind still and 10 to go over the tasks you had intended to do.

9- Don’t lose your temper. Try not to be short-tempered, or vengeful. Even when a friend has been rude, just move on. Help as much as you can – anyone & anything.

10- When the time comes to go, one should go like a Person without any regret or grievance against anyone.

(Ajay Ahlawat, Ajay Ahlawat Polo, Colonel Ajay Ahlawat, Retd. Colonel Ajay Ahlawat)

Biography of Colonel Ajay Ahlawat

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat

Biography of Colonel Ajay Ahlawat 

Colonel “Dato” Ajay Ahlawat

16th Cavalry & 61st Cavalry

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat
Colonel Ajay Ahlawat


Birthplace of Colonel Ajay Ahlawat – Village – Gochh I, District – Rohtak, Haryana. India.

Schooling of Colonel Ajay Ahlawat – The Punjab Public School, Nabha, Punjab

Family background of Colonel Ajay Ahlawat – Great Grandfather, Grandfather & Father were all in the army, The family has and continues to serve the Indian army for last five Generations. Father was the Aide de camp for Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Prime Minister of India.

The family has served The Rissala, The Skinners Horse [1st Horse], The 63rd Cavalry, The 67 Armoured Regiment, The 16 Cavalry & The 61 cavalry, for last 5 generations.

The younger brother of Colonel Ajay Ahlawat, Colonel Vijay Ahlawat continues to serve the army.

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat commissioned into the Indian army after 5 years of training at the National Defence Academy Khadkaswala, Pune and the Indian Military Academy at Dehradun in 1989. Served the Indian army for over 23 years before taking voluntary Premature retirement in 2009.

Military Career profile

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has served the Indian Army from 1984 to 2009 [23 years].

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has served, operated and commanded troops in battle conditions in Srilanka, J&K, Punjab & Rajasthan.

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has been trained on battle tanks and is an Instructor on Armoured tank gunnery.

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has been an instructor at the prestigious Indian Military Academy, and Officer Training School, Chennai, and Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (IAS) Academy Mussorrie.

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has fired Missiles – Master marksmen, trained in handling and use of nuclear weapons.

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat trained in Unarmed/Armed combat & Bomb Disposal, flying helicopters & light aircraft.

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat trained in Jungle and Mountain Warfare including extreme survival & camouflage. Being instructor at the guerrilla warfare school in Indonesia, (Kopassus), Attended the High Altitude Warfare school,(HAWS).

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has been a Polo & Equestrian promotion officer for the state of Maharashtra, Gujarat & Goa for three years.

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has Incorporated & headed the Indian Army Mission Olympics Cell in Delhi for 3 Yrs.

Revived polo and riding activity at Indian military academy, the RIMC, Dehradun, and Western Command Chandimandir.

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has been an instructor at the IAS Training academy Mussorrie from 20 01 to 2004

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has been an active part of & led a number of Super Specialist Operations carried out in the interest of the nation.

Honorary Colonel of the Kopassus –Indonesian Army special forces and have trained them in the art of special operations missions, such as direct action, unconventional warfare, sabotage, counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism, and communications.

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has been visiting Instructor at the top Military training academies Sandhurst, Tidworth & SAM Missiles training centre -Pembrokeshire-Wales.

Awards and commendations

The officer has been awarded the prestigious Army Commanders Commendation card on three different occasions.

The officer has been given the Rajasthan Pratibha Award by the Rajasthan govt for excellence in sports.

Awarded the title of DATO [SIR] by the Sultan of Johor, Malaysia in 2004

Awarded by the State of Haryana for excellence in sports.

Awarded the Special Honorary Award by the Commander in chief of the Indonesian commando forces (KOPASSUS) in 2005.

Awarded HIND RATTAN award in 2009.

Appointed President – International Police Association for India. (http://rusipa.ru/)

President – International Police Centre (INTERPOL) for India. (http://interpolcenter.com/)

Achievements in Sports

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has represented the country in over forty countries including America, United Kingdom, Switzerland, South Africa, Scotland, Jordan, Australia, Zimbabwe, Dubai, Poland, Abu Dhabi, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nepal, Italy, Argentina, France, Spain, Mexico, Turkeministan, China, Afganistan, Brazil, Austria, Hongkong, Morrocco, Vietnam. Korea.etc.

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has been awarded the most valuable Polo player on numerous occasions abroad.

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has represented the Indian Army and the Country since the 1989-till date

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has been playing a member of the National team since 1991 until 2010.

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has represented the country in three-World cup championships, the only Indian army officer to achieve this distinction.

Obtained instructor grading in the most prestigious & toughest equestrian course in the world- All Arms Equestrian Course- Meerut.

Four-time winner of the most prestigious trophy in India The President cup, Five-time winner of the Indian Open Polo Championship.

Have excelled in the field of golf, shooting, mountain climbing, rally driving, Paragliding, Hunting with the Falcons and training of dogs and horses.

Master of daredevil riding, and has broken and trained over 200 horses for the specialized use of polo and Equestrian events.

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has played Polo on the private teams of H.H. Prince Charles, Sultan of Malaysia, Sultan of Brunei, Cartier, Rolex, Audi, Maserati, & other top companies for a number of years.

Extracurricular activities

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has been an active part of the supergene Jatropha plant research and studies with leading scientists in the world.

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has done extensive studies on flora and fauna and been actively involved in the plantation of millions of different kind of trees and vegetation in wastelands across the country.

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat has carried out detailed studies and research on antiques in terms of jewellery, books, paintings, coins, weapons, medals & furniture. Specializes in Mughal art & artefacts.

Can speak, write or understand the following languages of Persian, Hindi, English, Punjabi, Bengali, Malay, Italian, Spanish.

Have undertaken advanced level research on Jatropha and Palm oil plantation of the high yielding variety.

Have undertaken detailed studies on the Tiger research in India and continue to be an active part of the tiger revival movement of India.

Has successfully assisted and acquired large land holdings for international companies like Crescent Heights from the USA, and Top Multinational companies in Delhi, Mumbai, Rajasthan and Haryana.

Carried out detailed research on the Heritage buildings, Castles, Forts/Garhs & Havalies of India (Rajasthan, Haryana in particular) and in the process of renovating three heritage properties in Jaipur, Sariska, Kufri-Shimla & Bharatpur as boutique heritage hotels.

Creating the first polo/adventure resort (Sporting high-end community living) in the country spread over 70 acres. Work in full progress in Sariska, Rajasthan.

Ajay Ahlawat is the founder of the Rissala Polo Club, having a presence at the ITC Classic Golf Resort-Gurgaon, Sariska-Rajasthan, Malaysia, Odessa-Ukraine, Morocco & Austria with Rissala Polo team playing at national and international levels.

Involved with top scientists across the world to develop the ultimate personal weapon & ammunition systems.

Has been supporting India’s oldest NGO – JEEVAN NIRMAN SANSTHAN-BHARATPUR for girl children & Specially-abled children, in existence since 1954.

Founder of the Rissala Polo Camp, located at Tiger Reserve-Sariska, Rajasthan.

Founded & developed the first Indian organic cow dairy in Sariska, Over 1500 cows presently producing Appx 40,000 litres of milk daily thus supporting local villages in self-employment. & expanding to set up of another hi-tech organic milk from Desi cow dairy in Sariska.

Supporting local village games-Kabbadi & girl child computer education in Sariska. State level Kabbadi matches held in Gochhi-Haryana every year. Computer labs in two villages.

“Rissala Green’s” is a venture which has been brought into the country from Israel by the Colonel to bring a revolution in fodder system of the country. It’s a nonprofit Hydroponic support system to ensure top end fodder for Equines and milking animals.

Involved in the development – testing and acquiring a top end patented bulletproof vest for transfer of technology rights for India from B-Max-Italy.

A joint venture between HDZS(China)-Rissala to introduce the top end solar systems into the country. Our company COSMIC ENERGY( solarizeindia.com) carrying out setting up of large-scale industrial solar conversions in Agra, Yamunanagar, Nagaland, Sariska and across the country.

Setting up the first private Army training camp for civilians, with an introduction for them to firearms, etiquettes, chivalry, communication skills, self-defence, obstacle courses, drill, jungle/desert survival, riding, swimming. etc (on lines of the National Defense/Indian military Academies), with training conducted by the top commando & NSG instructors.

Rissala Laminates, Market leaders in the Laminate industry with an international manufacturing facility based in Behror-Rajasthan. (rissala.co.in)

Rissala Polo & Organic Farm, Rissala Polo & Organic Farms – Ayurvedic & Wellness Camp- We are in the process of setting up an International Ayurvedic & Wellness Camp in Karnal – Haryana, Spread over 350 Acres – about 1.5 hr drive from Delhi & 1 hr drive from Chandigarh. we have created an international level Polo clubhouse & polo ground for our horse polo matches & are in the process of making 10 high-end luxurious cottages & 15 farmhouses on the farm. We are based alongside river Yamunaji & our organic farm is spread over 350 acres of beautiful trees & fruit orchids. We wish to provide top & spa treatments, Holistic and Spiritual Yoga and fitness & other facilities at Rissala Polo & Organic Farms – Ayurvedic Wellness Camp. Rissala Polo & Organic Farms, as the name suggests, wishes to

offer Polo & World class Equestrian facilities, organic food, traditional village life, various types of Ayurvedic treatment specialized massages, to both in-house guests & visitors. We want to offer treatment for routine ailments & plan to expand in the next stage as well to chronic diseases, we will offer specialized therapeutic treatments to maintain good health in the next stage. At Rissala Polo & Organic Farms, we wish that the lifestyle & therapeutic programs are directed towards curing not just the symptoms of the disease, but the basic health problems or imbalances.

RISSALA POLO & ORGANIC FARMS- Sariska – Karnal – Kufri – Plassey, Bengal – Nagaland & Meghalaya.

(Rissala – dictionary meaning- a group of disciplined armed, horse-mounted warriors)

We are a team of army officers/ Polo players/businessmen & most importantly friends, whose families have served the Indian army for over 5 generations & have represented the country internationally in over 90 countries and played for the country in 3 world cup polo championships. We as a team have got into progressive agriculture farming for the last 3 years and developed organic farms in Sariska – Karnal – Delhi & Kufri, and in the process of developing 8500 acres of top Agri land in Kolkata along with the most illustrious and respected family – The Khaitan’s, 1700 Acres of Organic land in Guhawati – Meghalaya with the Khasi Tribals and 500 acres of ginger with the Sema tribe warriors, with tribe leader & Minister Khekhao Sema as local partner.

Rissala farms in Delhi is spread over 15 acres, Sariska-200 acres, Karnal 300 privately owned & 1200 acres of leased land for 30 yrs, Kufri 30 acres and (Calcutta 8500 acres, Nagaland 500 acres & Meghalaya 1700 acres under process. We are in the process of setting up a silage business to cater to Appx 10,000 cows and a few selected dairy farms in India and for export purpose to UAE and Oman). We plant & produce high return organic crops like – Stevia, Aleovera, Lemongrass, Tulsi, maize for large silage purposes, & other organic products like Potatoes, Ginger, Maize, Wheat, Pulses, Rice, Sugarcane, Beetroot, Alfa-Alfa, vegetables on contract farming for national and international companies.

Fruit Orchids- We have also planted fruit & other important species of tree jungles where few acres of land is converted into jungles with various kinds of trees growing together in close proximity and fruit orchids. We have planted fruit tree orchid, mainly Guava, Lemons, Litchi, Papaya & Chikoo. we have earmarked 500 acres for this purpose.

We have a dairy farm in Sariska spread over 120 acres producing organic milk to the tune of 40,000 litres every day and we sell the same under two brands – Rajdarbar & Rissala Organics (Premium brand). We also produce Cow Ghee, Curd, Organic Honey, and many other Agri products. Our second dairy is under development and will produce 10,000 litres of organic milk by Oct 2018.

Please find below the link to the website and Facebook page for more info:





H/P +91981159697, Email- Ally@rissala.in, www.rissala.in, www.rissala.co.in

(This resume is not for a job, it’s strictly for introduction purpose. After having served the Indian army, the officer is involved in projects for the betterment of society & the downtrodden and intends to partner or own any such venture which aims at giving back to the society and sports).

(Ajay, Ajay Ahlawat polo, Colonel Ajay Ahlawat, Retd. Colonel Ajay Ahlawat, Ajay Ahlawat Indian Army)

20 Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Life Much Easier | Colonel Ajay Ahlawat Polo

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat Image

20 Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Life Much Easier by Colonel Ajay Ahlawat 

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat Image
Colonel Ajay Ahlawat Image

Colonel Ajay Ahlawat says that for a person who spends a good 50 percent of her week in cleaning things, a compilation of cleaning hacks is a life-saver. So, there are going to be two kinds of readers: one who will think that I’m some kind of freak. And other who will totally relate to me. But, to find this article useful, you don’t have to be a cleaning maniac.

These day to day cleaning tips are going to make your life easier. So, if you happened to stain your clothes or carpet, these will come in handy!

  1. Remove the hard water stains with vinegar

Are you sick of hard water stains on all your expensive crockery? All you have to do is dip a soft piece of cloth in vinegar and rub all the stains clean.


  1. Clean your blinds with vinegar and old sock

Wear an old sock and dip it into a solution of vinegar and water (50-50), and then clean the blinds. After that, you can use another sock to wipe them dry.


  1. Use baking soda to clean dirty dishes

All those burnt marks will vanish.


  1. Clean your dirty keyboard with toothbrush and cotton swab

Goodbye to all those hidden dust particles.


  1. Steam clean the microwave with some water and few slices of lemon

Fill half the glass with water and put some slices of lemon in it. Microwave it till it starts to bubble and leave it for a few minutes to steam. Then, take a cloth and wipe the whole microwave clean.


  1. Remove grease from clothes with talcum powder

Sprinkle some powder on the spot and leave it there for ten minutes. Then, wash as usual. Goodbye, grease.


  1. Remove marks from your taps and faucets with a lemon

Just rub half a lemon on the marks and it will be sparkling clean in no time.


  1. Clean your washing machine with vinegar & baking soda

Fill your machine with hot water and add 3-4 cups of white vinegar. After a minute, add ½ cup of baking soda and spin the machine for at least 30 minutes. Your machine will be sparkling clean.


  1. Use rubbing alcohol to remove nail polish from carpet

Remove the excess nail polish with a paper towel and then rub the stain with some rubbing alcohol. Throw some cold water while scrubbing.


  1. Use cola to get rid of stubborn stains from toilet

Yes! As ridiculous as it sounds, it works.


  1. Clean lipstick stains with hairspray

Spray on the mark and leave it for 10 minutes. Then, dab it with a wet cloth and wash it as usual.


  1. Use shoe polish to cover scratches on leather sofas

Be careful about the color and remember to wipe away the excess polish.


  1. Wipe away tea and coffee stains with water and baking soda

Half mug water and some baking soda will do the magic. Just soak the stain for 30 minutes.


  1. Use newspaper to absorb smells in refrigerator

Roll one and leave inside overnight. Your fridge will smell fresh by morning.


  1. Clean your iron by running it on foil paper covered with salt

Make sure the iron is hot and on ‘no steam’.


  1. Clean old dusty candles by rubbing them with stockings

All that stubborn dirt stuck to it will go away.


  1. Pick broken pieces of glass by pressing a piece of bread or clay on them

That way, you’ll protect your hands.


  1. Cover your shower with a bag of vinegar to remove stains

It will be bright as new in no time.


  1. Clean your hairbrush with warm water and shampoo

Read the full instructions here.


  1. Use vodka as a disinfectant

Put it in a spray bottle and spray it on your carpet to disinfect it.

Hope these were helpful. Until next time… 

—-Colonel Ajay Ahlawat—-