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Concept and Benefits of Equestrian

Horseback riding and equestrian sports bring joy and lifelong pleasure to many. Interacting with horses helps people of all ages and backgrounds experience profound physical, social and emotional rewards. Rissala Equestrian offers safe, professional, ethical equine activities through education, communication standards, and research for children with and without disabilities.

Benefits of equestrian therapy include improved muscle tone, balance, posture, coordination, motor development, and emotional and psychological well being, as well as sport, recreational, and educational benefits. Specific physical benefits include improved gross and fine motor skills, experiencing three-dimensional movements of the horse that is similar to the movement of a walking human, enhancing balance and posture, and stimulating the cardiovascular system.

Emotional benefits include building self-esteem and confidence while developing feelings of self-reliance, control and accomplishments. Social benefits include developing meaningful relationship and a strong bond with the horse, and challenging aggressive or hyperactive behavior into constructive activity. Educational benefits include increasing the ability to listen and follow directions, improving memory utilization, and developing sequencing abilities.

Riding and caring for horses teaches kindness, patience, responsibility and perseverance. Taking instruction and working with other riders instills self-discipline, good sportsmanship, and self-esteem. Other benefits include:
Physical Cognitive
• Improves posture
• Promotes gross and fine motor skills
• Stimulates inner ear balance
• Strengthens muscle tone
• Promotes joint flexibility
• Increases spatial awareness
• Improves sequencing skills
• Allows for listening skills practice
• Encourages learning to follow directions
• Enhances attention to tasks
Social Emotional
• Fosters peer interaction and teamwork
• Improves communication skills
• Improves confidence
• Increases self-awareness
• Provides opportunities for bonding

Riding is all about the ultimate spiritual experience.
- it's the separation of your consciousness (or soul, as some would call it) from your physical body.
Yes, it's that cool. In fact, there are theories that claim you're already astral projecting when you sleep.
Most of us just lose recollection of it when we awake. So Riding is being able to do this while being "conscious" of it.

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