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It is the story of people in the destiny of mankind. It is a combination of Paintings, Statues, Sculpture, Drawings, Decorative Arts, Structures, Castles, Palaces, Havellies all reflecting our colourful cultural Heritage and Customs it manages to preserve our identity through the extraordinary voyage of mankind through history.

The word 'Fort/Garh/Castle' conjures up image ranging from the stone-towered fortresses of medieval India to huge Royal dwellings.

Fortified dwelling built for strategic purposes, their primary functions were to dominate the surroundings landscape and deter aggression; failing these, they were designed to withstand siege.

 A Fort was worthy fortified residence of Royalty & reflected the military dominated social structures of the middle age.Their form & features were affected by many elements – military, dynastic, cultural & architectural.

"Fort" the very word conjures up vivid images in the mind. Forts are embedded so deeply in our consciousness and are so entwined in our myths, legends & fairy tales that it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction, to differentiate among the romance, the evil, the delight & the fun.

The Rissala forts (Royal Hunting Lake Palace Bharatpur, Rissala Fort Sariska and Royal Mundota Havelli & Fort Jaipur) are imposing, with thick tower, pinnacles & bay windows & are located in breath taking countryside. Built between 12th to 16th century, Rissala forts were once home to the great Jat & Rajput warriors of Rajasthan. The noblest warriors clans.

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