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Mundota Fort & Haveli

The 14th Century Mundota Fort is constructed in a scenic location being strategically located, perfect tactically it reflects what was typical of our gallant warrior traditions, it is perched on a hilltop overlooking the village of Mundota and the 16th Century Mundota Havelli, which is set on dominating ground overlooking the picturesque landscape.

The Mundota fort has served the Royals of Jaipur for centuries, built as a tactical early warning fort it was entrusted with the most loyal warrior warlords, the descendants today keep these very value systems alive and aim to blend the ancient warrior traditions with modernistic élan.

The Mundota Fort and Havelli are 20 minutes drive from the centre of Jaipur city and is an ideal getaway spot for tourists who prefer tranquillity blended with ancient values.

The fort and Havelli is ideal for development into a unique boutique Hotel, Exclusive Spa and Meditation Resort.

The area around Mundota fort offers a large scope for wide scale equine sport, elephant polo, aero sport and rock climbing activities.

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