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What we Offer

The Rissala Polo Club provide's equines at the facility for polo and various equestrian disciplines, levels and caliber to suit the wide scale cliental with professional instructors.

A wide scale of equine related events can be organized at will to suit the requirements of various clients, companies and brands. These would include the following :

 - Polo related activities (polo matches, arena polo, elephant polo)
 - Show jumping events.
 - Dressage events.
 - Eventing events (One day events and Three day events).
 - Tent pegging events.
 - Daredevil displays on horseback.
 - Hack rides would be organized.

Rissala has the sole aim of spotting and nourishing talent, channelising them to be the future equestrian champions for India. Rissala offers you the unique equestrian and polo facilities at its resort at sariska, and is expanding shortly though out the country to make equine sport popular with the sole aim of promoting the sport on a no profit basis.

“Zeda Sport" a world renowned equine apparel and equipment brand is the official supplier at Rissala, Zeda Sport shops are located at all Rissala Equestrian and Polo Centers.

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Polo was played by kings, courtiers and cavalrymen many warriors played polo because it kept them and their horses fit and ready for battle, play can be ferocious. Horses are selected for speed, agility, and obedience. A good polo pony is capable of stopping on a dime. A polo match is well worth attending, since things can get quite exciting, with horses pounding up and down the field displaying incredible feats of agility and strength.

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