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“ The king of games is the game of kings ” Majestic, Noble, Proud, Magical, Powerful, the embodiment of Grace and Strength, are just a few ways we can describe Polo.

Polo is a dynamic equestrian sport which has been played for centuries throughout Asia and the Middle East. Though the game finds its origin in India, The British re-introduced the sport to the world around.

Polo was played in earlier time by kings, courtiers and cavalrymen, Warriors played

'Polo is the last bastion of the macho... the dangerous and the most nostalgically glamorous. It is the ultimate test of pedigree For both Men and Horses.'

The Rissala Polo Club

The Rissala Polo Team consists of the top argentine and Indian professional players and the best veterinary doctors in the country and actively competes in the national and international polo tournaments, people who know the sport and have had a long association with it in terms of playing, hosting and organizing the same with the sole aim of perfection, precision and passion.

Allied with the ability to manage the most complex events. It has organized, conducted, promoted and marketed various national and international equestrian events, polo, arena polo & elephant polo events for teams in India and abroad since 1989. The Rissala polo club is closely associated with various polo clubs nationally and internationally.

The Rissala Polo Club owns top Argentine Polo ponies imported from Argentina, along with imported tack and polo gear. It is the only club which has polo ponies of this caliber in the country, the backbone of the sport.

The Rissala polo club had a long association with the Royal Johor polo club and they have together in the past won the most prestigious polo cup of all 'The Presidents Cup' on numerous occasions, the Royal Johor polo club is owned by the HRH The Sultan of Johor, Malaysia.

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