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Rissala takes Polo players and sponsors to new and Un-discovered grounds

Rissala polo management was created to promote and facilitate the growth of polo as an exclusive sport across India and the globe. Opening avenues for Polo Players to new and undiscovered  grounds; offering Sponsors to new and exciting concepts and locations; combining decades of  knowledge, experience and expertise in the world of polo, to make each moment an unforgettable  one.

Rissala offers advisory services to new and existing Polo Clubs on  potential growth strategies and market positioning.

Rissala offers Tailor-made services, event organizers and corporate sponsors can request the services of Rissala polo management to create customized “polo tournaments” to suit their target audience and achieve their principal objective. From start to finish: players, horses, sponsors and winning teams are all organized under the wings of Rissala.

As an exclusive sport, polo attracts the who's who and the crème de crème of society; thus an essential event to launch and promote any high end consumer or corporate brand or service.

Rissala will enforce a commercially binding contract between Polo Player and Sponsor, protecting the interests of both sides, ensuring professionalism at all times and maintaining the integrity of the sport of polo.

 Rissala offers new business ethics, regulation and standards to the world of Polo. Players can focus on delivering their best performance on the field, whilst Sponsors can enjoy playing in a competitive environment.

Rissala has presence in various countries and regions, offering an extensive international network of Polo Players and Sponsors. We package an exclusive service to: Polo Player, Polo Sponsor, Polo Club and Charity organisations and Event Organizer.

The world of Polo is brought to your finger tips Rissala management has presence in various countries and regions, including Europe, Middle East, US, UK, Argentina and Malaysia offering an extensive international network of Polo.

Rissala Management Packages an exclusive service to Polo Player’s, Polo Sponsor’s, Polo Club’s, Patrons, Event Organiser’s, Charity Organisation’s.

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