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Royal Hunting Lake Palace, Bharatpur

A fabulous Jewel of a Heritage property, Kishan Mahal Palace with its majestic grandeur, sitting amidst the large perennial natural lake called Bandh Baretha, of 9 sq km, and the Aravali ranges, bordering 12,000 acres of wildlife sanctuary, was raised for luxurious comfort of the royals of the princely state of Bharatpur during their hunting expeditions. The palace, until recently, was frequented and occupied by the royalty of Bharatpur.

Band Baretha, the royal wildlife reserve of the rulers of Bharatpur State is about 50 km from Bharatpur city. The foundation stone of this was laid in 1866 by Maharaja Jaswant Singh and completed in 1887 during Maharaja Ram Singh's period. Animals like sambhur, chital, blue bull, wild boar, hyena and leopard inhabit the sanctuary. The large lake's beauty is enhanced manifolds by the more than 200 species of birds, including migratory and native birds.

The palace grounds have a scope for development of Golf, Polo, Equestrian, Angling and Water Sports.

The unique location of the palace places it in the golden tourist triangle of Delhi-Agra- Jaipur and is easy accessibility by road and rail, the property can expect overwhelming response both from domestic as well as foreign tourists.

The location and setting is ideal for visitors to use this as a base and explore out to other locations of Agra and Jaipur. It can be promoted as destination resort for international visitors based on its heritage aspect, the wetland bird sanctuary, eco tourism, spa and health and wildlife are some of the potential aspects that the palace can be developed into.

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